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Recovery after Heart Attack

A heart attack can be a life-threatening condition that needs proper medical care to ensure better recovery. It is much more crucial among the elderly as the body can become weak. In case of heart failure, the blood stops flowing to the heart. It usually occurs due to a blocked coronary artery and damages the surrounding tissues. Recovering from this condition can become much more complex among the elderly. They need nursing care at home to recover from the damage caused by heart failure.

What is a Heart Attack?
A heart attack or heart failure results from a blockage in the coronary artery that stops blood flow to and from the heart. Blockage results due to unhealthy lifestyles and eating habits. Besides, stress, smoking, and other lifestyle changes also cause the blood to thicken. After a heart attack or cardiac arrest, many patients also need extended treatments and surgery. There are many possible treatments for heart failure that include an angioplasty to clear the blockage in the arteries. Some patients with a severe condition might also need bypass surgery which is a more intrusive and complicated procedure.

The recovery period after surgery
The occurrence of a heart attack can cause the entire body to go into a state of shock. Immediately after an attack, the patient might have to stay in hospital for a few days for proper observations and recovery until the condition becomes stable. Overall, the recovery period might extend to a few weeks or a few months. The recovery is dependent on the patient’s overall condition, the risk factors, and how well you adhere to the treatment plans.

Do’s and Don’ts
There are some crucial dos and don’ts that are helpful to ensure better recovery among the patients of a cardiac arrest. Their eating plan and dietary approaches are beneficial in fast recovery. The patients need to limit sodium and saturated fats in their diet. They should stress having potassium-rich sources of food along with plant-based oils. Many research also suggests that a plant-based diet helps to decrease inflammation that contributes towards heart failure. These diets reduce the severity of heart disease.

The prolonged hospital stay and lack of activity induce muscle wasting and disuse atrophy of the limbs. The person feels weak, overall and the confidence required for walking smoothly is missing. At such times, patients should not directly indulge in heavy activity. Especially physically strenuous activity. Any exercise should be done only under supervision.The prolonged hos The patients should also avoid saturated fats as this contributes to the formation of plaque in arteries. When arteries become clogged, it blocks the blood flow into the heart. It is better to stick to fats that come from plant sources. The patients should also exercise regularly and avoid stress in their daily lives for a better standard of living. Importance of nursing at home

While taking care of your heart health, you need a regular visit to the clinic or the doctors. Treatment becomes much more crucial in the case of the elderly as they are at a higher risk. Eldercare at home includes proper check-ups and medications that are available for older aged patients. IndiMac Healthcare helps to manage health problems and recovery in case of heart failure. We also assist with other medical conditions. IndiMac Healthcare has a trained group of professionals and Physiotherapists that can help with rehabilitation and exercise at home. The plan includes medication, check-ups, and looking after the household chores. Thus by offering home care, there are chances of a quick recovery for such patients.


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