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Low Immunity in Old Age

Our immune system protects the body from any harmful or foreign substances that might cause diseases. Many viruses, bacteria, viruses, toxins, and tissues from another person can cause harm to the body. The immune system protects the body from these substances. This system makes antibodies and cells that destroy foreign harmful substances.

Age & Immunity
As the body grows older, the immune system becomes weaker. It does not work as robustly as in a younger body. In the body of someone in old age, immune system-related changes occur. The immune system gets slower in responding to diseases. Thus, the risk of getting sick increases.
One way to decrease this risk is by giving vaccines, some of which are specific to old-age and immunity. Another way is to ensure a better diet and vitamin supplementation.
With agre there are some age-related diseases that are present in the body. Diabetes, Cholesterol, High Blood Pressure, Thyroid Disorders, Orthopaedic problems, are common as age advances.
Any autoimmune disorder can develop when the body becomes old and frail. Such diseases occur when the immune system attacks and destroys healthy body tissues. In such a case, healing occurs at a slower pace. Therefore there are fewer immune cells in our body that bring healing. The ability of the immune system to detect cell defects also declines in old age. The risk of cancer is higher among them.

Old-Age and Infections
It is crucial to decrease the risks from infections in old age. You need to get vaccines that help to prevent flu, pneumococcal infections, or shingles. There are more infections among the elderly. Also, the risk of infection increases if you do not follow a good diet and healthy exercise regime. A weaker immune system results in slower healing. If a person has diabetes, then the high blood sugar levels also cause slow healing. With age, our immune system becomes much less effective. It is not able to distinguish the self from nonself which results in autoimmune disorders. Thus, there are higher chances of getting sick from Macrophages slowing down that results in cancer. The T cells also respond much less quickly to foreign antigens. With age the bones get weaker. The bones tend to be porous if adequate Calcium and Vitamin D3 supplementation is not provided regularly. The chances of fractures and overall fragility of a person increases.

Risk While Visiting Clinics and Hospitals
Among people with a weaker immune system, there is much more risk involved. The body becomes weaker while encountering germs. Thus they should be careful when they visit a clinic or a hospital. It can lead to an infection that may lead to other complications. Older people have lesser amounts of proteins. They do not produce as many of these proteins in response to infections. So even if they need vaccines regularly, they are advised to be careful when they visit the hospital for treatment as the changes in the immune function can contribute to greater susceptibility to infections. Therefore, home care and a doctor at home are advised in such cases.

Doctor Check-up at Home
Although there are many facilities available for the elderly it is wise to choose the best amenities for eldercare at home. IndiMac healthcare offers the best services for eldercare at home. Older people can be at higher risk of infections and death if not looked after properly. Their body undergoes shock even in case of smaller changes. This explains why doctor consultation is needed as vaccines can become less effective among older people. The team at IndiMac Healthcare is trained, experienced, qualified, and vaccinated. Elderly people need to get the right facilities for their booster shots as well as regular medical attention at home.


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