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Cataract Incidence in Old Age

The incidence of cataracts involves the clouding of the otherwise clear eye lens. For people who develop cataracts, it becomes difficult to see through cloudy lenses. The clouded vision caused by a cataract makes it difficult to read or do any other regular activity. Many people develop cataracts slowly. It doesn’t disturb their eyesight at the early stages. As time passes, the cataract eventually interferes with the vision. Initially, with bright lighting, eyeglasses help you to deal with the cataract. As impaired vision starts interfering with your day-to-day activities, you need cataract surgery.

Cataracts are one of the most common consequences of aging. It frequently occurs in people with older people. Research shows that one in five people over the age of 65 have cataracts. Cataracts involve the clouding of the eye lens that blocks the vision. With bright lighting, adjustments in the eyeglass help with small cataracts. As cataracts grow, many people require surgery.

Age-related changes
Cataracts’ start appearing with increasing age. It includes clouded, dim, and blurred vision with increasing difficulty in seeing during the night. It also occurs with increasing sensitivity to glare and light. There is a need for brighter light. Also, there are halos around any light. Eye specialists prescribe frequent adjustments in eyeglass. This cloudiness in the vision is a result of a cataract. It may affect a part of the eye lens. At this point, the patient might not be aware of vision loss. But as the cataract grows a bit larger, it starts clouding a part of the lens. It distorts the light that is passing through the eye lens. It leads to noticeable symptoms.

Problems faced at home
Fix an appointment for eye check-up when you notice any symptom of cataract. Fix an appointment before you start noticing changes in the vision. The symptoms include developing vision changes, double vision, and flashes of light or unexpected eye pain. Most cataracts develop with injury in the eye lens tissues or with aging. The fibers and proteins in the eye lens begin to disrupt, the vision becomes cloudy or hazy. Genetic disorders are inherited. It also causes other problems which increase the risk of cataracts. They are also because of eye conditions, eye surgery, and any other medical conditions like diabetes. With the use of steroid medications, cataracts can develop in old age.

Healthcare at home
Studies prove that to prevent cataracts and slow their progression, you should take preventative measures. The doctors think that several strategies like regular eye exams are vital. IndiMac Healthcare at home includes regular eye examinations to detect cataracts and eye problems at early stages. IndiMac Healthcare also provides home safety for elders, which includes eye check-ups to provide treatment at the right stage.

When to see a doctor
While taking care of your eye health, you sometimes need to talk to a doctor for suggestions. IndiMac Healthcare at home includes medications and counselling that are available for you. Manage health problems like a treatment plan in case of diabetes and any other medical conditions which increase the risk of cataracts.


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