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Pressure Ulcers (Bedsores)

Bedsores are known as decubitus ulcers, pressure injuries, pressure ulcers, and pressure sores. They are injuries to the underlying tissue of the skin that covers the bones. These sores are caused due to extended pressure on the skin and the underlying tissues due to constant pressure applied on them. The condition can occur to anyone. It usually affects those who cannot move from their bed. It also affects those who have to stay in a wheelchair. The sores appear on the skin if someone is in a sitting position for long periods.

Cause of Bedsores
Bedsores are also known as decubitus ulcers and pressure ulcers. These are the injuries to the skin’s underlying tissue that result from prolonged pressure on the skin. These sores generally develop on the skin that covers the bony areas of the body. It is present on the heels, hips, ankles, or tailbone. The people who are at the highest risk for bedsores are the ones who have medical conditions which limit the ability to change their positions. It also occurs among people who spend the most time in a chair or bed.

Effect of Bedsores
Bedsores and pressure ulcers happen when someone is bedridden and immobile for long periods. Being unconscious and the inability to sense pain are other symptoms that occur due to bedsores. Bedsores are ulcers that happen on skin areas that remain under pressure due to prolonged periods of lying-in bed, wearing a cast, sitting in a wheelchair, or other skin exposure to a flat and rigid surface. Pressure ulcers are also known as bedsores and pressure sores. Bedsores are a persistent problem among frail adults in the older age group. They are related to what quality of care is given to a person. In a bedridden or immobile state, the person is not positioned or turned correctly. If they are not provided proper skincare or good nutrition; then there are chances that bedsores might develop on their skin. People with issues like diabetes, poor nutrition, and circulation problems are usually at higher risk of bedsores.

Risks Involved
The common risks that are involved with bedsores are immobility due to poor health or spinal cord injuries. Another risk can be incontinence where the skin becomes vulnerable with the prolonged exposure to stool and urine. It can also lead to the lack of sensory perceptions, poor hydration and nutrition, and medical conditions that affect the blood flow.

Home Care Needed
Home care is a very crucial requirement for patients with bedsores. It is a much-needed requirement as people with bedsores can't move the body and may get other immobility issues. IndiMac Healthcare provides doorstep services for bedridden patient care at home. The home assistants provide physical and emotional care for the frail in their old age. Such people can use the support and help due to these complications that arise from bedsores. IndiMac Healthcare has home care assistants and nursing services that provide chronic care at home. It also includes all the daily chores from personal hygiene of the patients, dressing them, looking after the household chores, monitoring their health, and looking after any other requirements that might come up with such patients.


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