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High Blood Pressure and Risk of Brain Stroke


High blood pressure is known as hypertension. It is a common health condition that quietly damages your body. It can persist for many years until symptoms appear. Uncontrolled high blood pressure may also lead to disability, fatal heart stroke, or brain stroke. Such a condition can also affect the quality of your life. To reduce the risk of stroke through high blood pressure, you need lifestyle changes. You can reduce the risk of life-threatening complications due to BP. But you need to have a good lifestyle as there are many complications associated with it.

High Blood Pressure
High blood pressure, also known as hypertension, is one of the most prevalent health risk issues. It is commonly associated with heart strokes and brain strokes. The health issue arises due to the blockage of the arteries. The block might lead to a non-supply of blood in these parts of the body. Many complications are associated with high blood pressure. In case of Hypertension, your blood vessels will have persistently high pressure and as the blood is carried from the heart to all body parts through blood vessels. As the heart pumps the blood into the blood vessels, it circulates blood into the entire body. But in case of a blockage in the blood supply, it usually leads to a stroke.

Risk of Brain Stroke
With the rise in blood pressure, there is a risk to all the body parts that receive blood. Our entire system is connected through vessels. Similarly, our brain also depends on the blood supply to ensure proper functioning. High blood pressure results in many health problems. The transient ischemic attack is one of them which is also known as a ministroke. It is a temporary and brief disruption of blood supply to the brain. High blood pressure causes hardened arteries and blood clots that can cause strokes. Even a minor stroke can be a warning for a full-blown stroke in any organ of the body in the future.

Bed-ridden state after Brain Stroke
There are high chances that after a brain stroke, the survivors may become bound to their beds. This is caused due to the inability of these patients to move their limbs. The patients become bed bound as their body faces many complications after a brain stroke. In most cases, the biggest culprit of the inability of body movement is due to partial or total paralysis. Paralysis is one of the most common conditions that occur after a stroke. It damages the areas of the brain that are responsible for the movement of limbs. The condition affects people in the older age group. Such patients need chronic care at home.

Healthcare Assistant at Home
IndiMac’s Home healthcare Solutions is a crucial requirement for patients with brain stroke. It is much needed as they can’t move their body and they get stuck to the bed. Many people thus need a healthcare assistant or Patientcare Assistant and home nursing assistant who can provide physical and emotional care and support the frail especially if they are in their old age. Such people can use any help and support due to their complications. The duty of Patient care assistant for chronic care at home includes all daily chores from personal hygiene care of the patients, dressing them, monitoring their health & vital conditions, their recreation, mobilization, feeding and looking after any other household duties in regards to patient and elders. Such caretaker at home can be made available during day time or 24 hours residential care taking.


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